Kim Marshall

Economic Development Specialist

While Fremont’s historic districts each have a unique identity, what they have in common are successful, family-owned, small businesses adding to the districts’ economic vibrancy of the city. Recently, we spoke with three of small-business entrepreneurs to hear their insights on what it takes to run a successful business.
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Jennifer Chen

Economic Development Coordinator

After years of planning, Downtown Fremont is going vertical! On Friday, June 17, 2016, the City of Fremont celebrated the groundbreaking of Locale @ State Street, Downtown’s first mixed-use project, which was made possible through a public/private partnership between the City of Fremont, TMG Partners, Sares Regis and SummerHill Homes.
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Kim Marshall

Economic Development Specialist

Last month, the Brookings Institution published a report written by Scott Andes titled How Firms Learn. In the report, Andes examined how companies innovate and what cities can do to foster greater innovation. He analyzed the manufacturing sector and the software industry, which accounts for a large portion of the technology-based economy. The report provided some interesting data. For example, did you know that over two-thirds of America’s R&D companies are focused on manufacturing and software?
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Kelly Kline

Economic Development Director & Chief Innovation Officer

The mid-sized city transformation is underway. We see it every day in Fremont: new downtown amenities, the resurgence of manufacturing, a nimbleness that nurtures innovation within city hall and throughout the business community. This same transformation is taking place with America's "original" mid-sized cities: Akron, Allentown, and notably, Rochester, NY - host of a CityAge program last week examining the new urban economy.
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Tony Huang

General Manager, Wellex Corporation

As we continue our ongoing Q&A series with executives based in Fremont, we spoke with Tony Huang, General Manager of Wellex Corporation. Follow along below and watch the short video about Wellex at the end of the questions.
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Jody Tatro

Chief Executive Officer

When we "Think Silicon Valley” it is about growing communities for business and prosperity. One growing dynamic in the Bay Area is a focus on face-to-face events. Companies, healthcare providers, universities and many organizations want to reach their affiliates, customers and partners and educate them in a more personal way. This helps build stronger business communities.
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Christina Briggs

Deputy Economic Development Director/Assistant to the City Manager

Where better to completely reinvent a concept than right here in Silicon Valley? The revolutionary French coding university, Ecole 42, agrees. In late May, 42 announced a Fremont location for its first facility outside of France. The school will occupy two buildings in the Ardenwood district, an area undergoing substantial business growth, given its direct proximity to the peninsula.
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Jennifer Chen

Economic Development Coordinator

When you hear the term “biomedical manufacturing,” it may be difficult to conjure up an image of what that looks like exactly. But whether you see it or not, the efforts of biomed manufacturing are literally producing life-changing results.
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Katie Handy

Associate, Field Paoli Architects

Occasionally, we like to share blogs from other writers, bloggers, and journalists, because, well, sometimes they can say it better than we can. This blog from Katie Handy, an associate at the esteemed Field Paoli Architecture firm in San Francisco, shares her observations which illustrate how the Maker Movement is changing interactions between artists and objects in public-private venues such as Tech Shop. The writing is poignant, but the photos really capture what the Maker Movement is all about – “creating connections and cultivating creativity.”
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Dan Schoenholz

Deputy Community Development Director

May is Affordable Housing Month, providing a great opportunity for the City of Fremont to show its commitment to affordable housing and to keep residents informed regarding the City’s efforts. Here are a few updates on some of the affordable housing projects that are currently in development.
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