While walking in Downtown Fremont and other bustling Fremont districts, you’ll see a wide range of businesses, salons, retail stores, and diverse restaurants that not only contribute to our city’s economy but also our unique character, and vitality.

At the crux of this are our small businesses that have long stood as a symbol of Fremont’s diversity, culture, and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you’re in the market for the latest bestseller, a trip to the salon, or a delicious meal, Fremont’s small businesses have you covered.

As a way to celebrate our small businesses and showcase the incredible offerings and services available in our city, we recently launched a Shop Small Series on our YouTube channel. Uploaded monthly, each video provides an inside glimpse into local businesses from the eyes of the incredible owners and founders who have made Fremont the vibrant community that we know and love today.

So, why have all these businesses decided to call Fremont “home”?

We’ll let our small businesses do the talking:

  • “We came to [Downtown Fremont] last year and found that this particular zone was dedicated for Fremont Downtown,” said Ketan Thakkar, Owner of Aura Skin-N-Beauty. “It’s a good neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic, good surrounding commercialized buildings, and it’s getting developed.”
  • “I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be in this new Downtown. As a longtime resident of Fremont, I’ve been hearing about this project for years. And when I came over and toured the space and saw the potential here, I was just so excited,” said Amy Davis, Owner of Banter Bookshop.
  • “When we came and looked at the space in Mission San Jose, I thought this area was super cute. It definitely has a lot of potential location-wise, because we also go to several farmers’ markets each week across the Bay Area. It’s really central,” said Sway Soturi, founder of Forest & Flour.
  • “We’ve lived in Fremont for 36 years, and we’ve raised our kids here. We love the city, and Fremont is developing its Downtown here on Capitol Avenue, and this is the perfect location for us,” said Waqas Khan, owner of Dekalash. “This is going to become a happening place, and we already see a bunch of kids, dogs, and young parents walking around, and I think all of that will grow.”

Watch the full Shop Small Series to learn more about the individuals, stories, and inspiration behind many beloved Fremont small businesses.

To learn more about how our city supports our small businesses, please visit our Small Business Hub. There you’ll find resources for small businesses and information on upcoming community events.