Fremont: Where Stuff Gets Made

Made in the U.S.A.


Keeping jobs at home.

Whatever you want to call it, U.S. manufacturing is making a comeback.

00-I-Advanced Manufacturing

Need proof? Just look at Fremont, home to nearly 30,000 manufacturing jobs.

In fact, nearly a quarter of Fremont’s working adults are employed in this market.

From Electric Cars to Solar Panels to Stents

Tesla manufactures its sleek all-electric luxury vehicles here.

Curious about the robots Tesla is using to assemble its Model 3 sedans? Those are KUKA bots, courtesy of KUKA Robotics, also located right here in Fremont.

For Oorja, it’s methanol fuel cells. And then there’s heart/neurovascular medical devices from Boston Scientific.

Contract manufacturers like Plexus and Pantronix call Fremont home. Major tech manufacturers like Western Digital and Lam Research have manufacturing operations here as well.

In short, Fremont serves as the capital for advanced manufacturing in Silicon Valley.

Manufacturing Roots

Fremont’s manufacturing roots run deep.

Dating back to 1960, the automotive industry has produced millions of trucks and cars from Fremont’s assembly lines. 

Apple and Steve Jobs chose to open their first manufacturing site here in 1984. Take note, Jeopardy aspirants: the original Macintosh computer was made in Fremont. 

Other semiconductor and telecommunications firms soon followed, and today, emerging technologies such as clean tech, biotech, and photonics represent some of Fremont’s top manufacturing fields. 

Bringing Manufacturing Home

What draws them to Fremont?

We’re meeting the needs of today’s advanced manufacturers, scenarios which bear little resemblance to old-school assembly lines. With this in mind, Fremont delivers:

  • Accessibility to educated and tech-savvy workers drawing from a deep pool of Bay Area universities (including Stanford, UC Berkeley, and famous French coding school 42), community colleges, and technical schools
  • Proximity to key partners and customers in Silicon Valley
  • Availability of competitively priced industrial-zoned land
  • Easy access to two interstates, multiple rail transport lines, three airports, and the Port of Oakland
  • Tax incentives, impact fee reductions and no Utility User Tax, and a General Purpose Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ).

We’re equipped with the engineering and scientific know-how to work through the process of getting you up and running, whether it’s analyzing your operation’s hazardous materials or expediting a permit for that new piece of equipment on your pilot line. Check out the Fremont Toolbox to get all the details.