Clean Tech

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Cultivating a Green Scene

When  Oorja Protonics  was looking for a home base to build liquid methanol-powered fuel cells, Fremont jumped to the top of the list. 

That’s because Fremont has an ecosystem tuned for energy-related companies — a desirable blend of flexible space, relatively low rents, business incentives, engineering talent, and proximity to venture capital funds. 

Fremont’s Clean Tech Cluster 

To date, more than 50 clean and green tech firms have put down roots in Fremont’s Warm Springs District, including the likes of Oorja, Imergy Power Systems, Soraa, and Solar City. 

And, of course, Tesla. 

As the anchor tenant in Warm Springs, the all-electric vehicle maker is manufacturing Tesla’s famed Model S, Model X, and Model 3 here.  

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Clean Tech Business Tax Exemption

We know you don’t need any extra expense at the start.

That’s why Fremont offers special tax exemptions for clean tech companies, including five-year exemptions for new businesses and two-year exemptions for existing companies. That means some breathing room while you get established. You can visit our Fremont Toolbox for more information.

Staying Out of Bureaucratic Purgatory

Fremont can assist with City permits and help coordinate with local utility providers and regional agencies.

We know the ins and outs of how to move the development process along.

We’re even involved in demonstration projects serving as a test market for local businesses — ranging from the use of city fleet vehicles to demonstrate fuel cell technology to the installation of solar technology on city facilities.