Where Biomed Goes to Scale

Imagine stents used to treat and prevent brain aneurysms, technology that can map a patient’s comprehensive molecular data to screen for cancer risk, or a breakthrough low-cost drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

That’s just a sampling of what’s coming out of the 150+ biomedical companies that call Fremont home. Every day, they’re researching, developing, and manufacturing products that improve our lives.

“We presented our manufacturing facility plans to multiple cities, and a big reason why we picked Fremont is because of their manufacturing expertise and focus on growing their biotech cluster.”

— Shri Shetty, Co-Founder and CEO of PrinterPrezz

"From its highly educated and diverse workforce to its excellent accessible transit options and its highly supportive, business-friendly government, Fremont offers virtually everything needed to operate a successful biopharmaceutical manufacturing business today and in the future.” 

— Lars Dreesmann, President of Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont

“Fremont's supply network is more than just an entity or location; it's a network of expertise that enhances products and improves processes. In close proximity, you have experts in sensors, software, semiconductors, electronics, sterilization, and packaging — all of which are essential for a biomedical company.”

— Dr. Gregory Theyel, Director of Biomedical Manufacturing Network

“One of the reasons we looked at Fremont was because we found a lot of our employees were located nearby. We have direct access to professionals that do important work that impacts the lives of patients, and they’re all based within a reasonable commute.”

— Conrad Edosada, Senior Operations Manager of Thermo Fisher


Formula for Success

We gain satisfaction in supporting life science companies big and small, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Boston Scientific to name a few.

In our many years of experience, the same business challenges arise — whether it’s the shortage of experienced technicians or regulatory issues.

Fremont is honed to resolve these challenges and promote success. For example, Fremont’s Ohlone College is one offourState AppliedBiotechnologyCenters focused on providing world-class training for a globally competitive biotech workforce.


We excel at Evolve by attracting and fostering talent. The best way to do this is to give meaningful and challenging projects while providing expert support and education. Several of our employees started out as interns from Ohlone College. This local partnership allows students who are interested in STEM to have firsthand experience in advanced Life Sciences manufacturing operations, which provides limitless growth potential.

Matt Pawluk, Senior Director of Operations, Evolve Manufacturing

The City of Fremont was also instrumental in securing a federal grant to build an East Bay biomedical manufacturing cluster. Several years ago, Dr. Gregory Theyel launched the Biomedical Manufacturing Network, a three-year program designed to boost the region’s strength in the biotech industry. Fremont has built on that success in marketing the City as the prime location for companies to scale within the region.

According to Dr. Theyel’s research, biomedical companies in Fremont are on average twice the size of the Bay Area average and have the highest business survival rate.


Fremont Fosters Biomedical Investment

Location, location, location isn’t just a catch phrase that realtors use. It also helps describe Fremont’s success in creating a bustling life science ecosystem.

With central access to airports, freeways, ports, research & higher education institutions, a robust supply chain of specialized service providers, and flexible facilities with supportive zoning, Fremont allows biomedical companies to locate and scale operations with ease.

And whether you cite its access to manufacturing technicians or PhDs, Fremont has the talent. As a central manufacturing and R&D hub in Silicon Valley, employers can draw from a life science workforce of 146,000 workers who live within a 30-mile commute radius. In fact, there are 77,000 jobs in life sciences in just Alameda County, alone.

Fremont residents are quite smart, too; nearly 60% of adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher and one in 70 residents holds a patent.

There’s also immense investment in Fremont’s biomedical cluster with over $1.9 billion in venture capital startup funding raised in the last five years (with no signs of slowing down) by Fremont-based companies. And not only are startups gaining a piece of the funding pie, but investors are also looking to snap up commercial/industrial real estate for their portfolio that biotech and advanced manufacturing operations can lease.

We appreciate that tomorrow’s innovations in the life sciences industry have a long lead time to market, which can significantly strain resources.

Our City staff has extensive experience working on the relocation and expansion of life science firms and is available to assist with all City permits as well as provide valuable assistance coordinating with local utility providers and regional agencies.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a video from some of our notable life sciences residents, explaining why Fremont is the ideal home for this industry.

For more information and resources to get your life sciences business up and running, check out the Fremont Toolbox. Additionally, to learn more about our life sciences industry and unique business ecosystem, check out the below eBook, “Fremont, California Where Biomed Goes to Scale.”