Our Story

A 21st century city.

We might have an image in our head of what this futuristic utopia might look like (hello, The Jetsons), but what exactly does that look like in reality?

Well, you’re looking at it. In Fremont, we pride ourselves on being responsible for more than just keeping the water in your taps running, making sure the traffic lights function, and filling in the occasional pothole. Sure, all those things are important—but there’s so much more!

Equally important is creating a distinctive sense of place that reimagines the role our City plays. That’s why we prioritize thinking about the needs of future workers, families, startups, mom-and-pop shops, and high-tech companies – and ultimately, it’s what has helped us make a name for ourselves as a leader of innovation and forward-looking practices in the Bay Area and nationwide.

How do we make it as easy as possible for someone to set up their business in Fremont? Do we have transit options for those who’d rather trade in their cars for bikes, buses, or trains? How do we create the perfect central gathering place where people can run into friends and neighbors, grab a bite to eat at their favorite food truck, or catch a late-night movie?

These are the types of questions that give us a sense of purpose, get our creative juices flowing, and stick in the forefront of our minds as we make decisions to guide our City forward.

We’ve reimagined what a city should be: diverse, sustainable, vibrant, transit-friendly, and even eclectic.

Fortunately, we also have 90 square miles, 5 historic districts, a burgeoning Downtown, and multiple advanced technology districts to serve as a giant living laboratory where this imaginative planning comes to life.

If you’d asked someone 10 years ago what places they associate with Silicon Valley, people might’ve called out the Stanford Research Park in Palo Alto, the Googleplex in Mountain View, or Apple’s campus in Cupertino. But if you ask the same question today, people might just give Fremont a nod – and we are positive this will only grow in the decade to come.

We are no longer in our opening act; we are performing mainstage, and we want everyone to know Fremont by name.