The Makers are Here

Picture this:

A 12-year-old is learning how to build her own mini-computer and exploring programming languages like Scratch and Python with the help of her new Raspberry Pi.

Meanwhile, a techie is 3D-printing parts to build his own quadcopter drone, just for fun.  

And a few blocks down, a jewelry maker is getting the next batch of handcrafted beaded bracelets ready for her Etsy shop.

Welcome to Fremont’s everyday reality.

We’re a community that celebrates and emboldens do-it-yourselfers, entrepreneurs, artisans, designers, inventors, and tinkerers of all ages.

With our legacy anchored in advanced manufacturing, we believe the Maker Movement is central to cultivating the next generation of manufacturing talent in Fremont.

That’s why we’ve brought on FUSE Corps Executive Fellow Parker Thomas to show kids that making things is cool again. Parker is working with students, teachers, parents, librarians, manufacturing companies, and the Fremont Unified School District to lay the groundwork for the Maker Culture to thrive in Fremont.

We’re also committed to supporting our local small-scale manufacturing businesses producing everything from exotic kulfi desserts, to custom computer boards, to high-end clothing pieces made from bamboo. These are the businesses that help make Fremont the delightfully cool, diverse, and economically resilient community that it is today. 

Here’s why Fremont is becoming a City of Makers:

  • We have a diverse population with a distinct set of skills (think hardware).
  • The City’s top-notch schools, community colleges, and regional occupation programs are connecting skilled labor to small and growing production businesses.
  • A robust supply chain ecosystem supports the scaling of smaller manufacturing businesses.
  • A variety of affordable industrial spaces and mixed-use projects, making it easy for small businesses and producers to incubate and scale up over time.
  • Numerous retail and production space options, where customers can both buy products and see the production happen in real time on-site.

Ready to be a part of Fremont’s creative economy, or just curious to learn more about Fremont’s involvement in the Maker Movement? Get in touch with our economic development team to find out more, or visit the Fremont Toolbox.