Ardenwood: Silicon Valley’s New Real Estate Hotspot


Travel to the eastern base of the Dumbarton Bridge and you’ll discover Ardenwood, an area that is quickly emerging as another major business hub for Fremont.

Historically known for its clustering of biotech companies, other emerging industries are now following in their footsteps and calling Ardenwood home. Current tenants at Ardenwood’s Technology Park include solar industry veterans NexTracker/Solaria, LED manufacturer Soraa, German pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim, and Tesla’s growing office campus. The famous French coding university, Ecole 42, also chose to establish its U.S. campus in the heart of Ardenwood on Dumbarton Circle.

What’s the appeal?

Well, the 2.7 million square feet of R&D/flex space might have something to do with it.

And the fact that you can access the Peninsula within minutes definitely sweetens the deal.


The Ardenwood Technology Park is nestled right off Highway 84 and is a short exit off Interstate 880, offering either a considerably shorter or even a reverse commute for those traveling from all parts of the Silicon Valley and northern Bay Area. Just 20 minutes from tech hotspots like Palo Alto and Mountain View, and only 30 minutes from Sunnyvale and Pleasanton, Ardenwood is among the most strategically located corporate locations in the Bay Area. And for those who frequently conduct long-distance business travel, it’s also situated just 20 minutes away from the Oakland International Airport, as well as 30 minutes from San Jose International Airport and San Francisco International Airport.

The City of Fremont anticipated just how valuable this district would be for Silicon Valley workers. That’s why in 2016, we re-zoned it to transition it from a 1980s, low-scale business park to a 21st century employment opportunity. This included significant increases in allowable floor area ratio (FAR) across much of the area.

It turned out to be the right move. In a major expansion that could potentially bring 1,000 or more employees, Tesla leased two large office buildings on Dumbarton Circle following the City’s action, and Facebook followed shortly after.  

We’ve also got amenities in place that make Ardenwood more than just a prime location. When employees need some R&R time, Ardenwood offers easy access to multiple parks and recreational services. Take a break from your overflowing email inbox and wander through Coyote Hills Regional Park, which boasts nearly 1,000 acres of land and miles of trails to hike, bike, run, and explore. Trust us, the breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay will make it worth your while. You can even witness one of California’s greatest natural events when the monarch butterflies overwinter here from December to mid-February each year. And if that’s not enough, the larger, 30,000-acre Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge offers more trails and plenty of birdwatching opportunities (over 99 species have been spotted, but who’s counting?).  


Today, Ardenwood is seeing significant tenant “spillover” activity from areas to the west. With all that it offers, it’s no surprise that this area is becoming one of Silicon Valley’s most coveted corporate settings.