The New Capitol Avenue

Posted on Oct 25, 2016

Jennifer Chen

Economic Development Coordinator

​Last Friday, the City of Fremont celebrated the completion of Phase II of the Capitol Avenue sidewalk and streetscape project (between State Street and Mowry Avenue). With a $5.8 million grant from One Bay Area, Capitol Avenue has been transformed from an ordinary sidewalk to a multi-modal street that includes screen walls, festoon lighting, and banners. The new Capitol Avenue enhances the pedestrian, bike, and car experience with street furniture, wider sidewalks, painted bike lanes, and free public parking.
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Jennifer Chen

Economic Development Coordinator

​Most entrepreneurs are probably familiar with the Small Business Administration (SBA), a federal agency that supports small business growth by increasing access to capital. And those who are a little more in the know may realize that the Small Business Development Centers of Northern California (SBDC) provide free consulting and training for small businesses and are jointly sponsored by the city, state, and the SBA. Less familiar names include Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBTT) grants.
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Shilpi Sharma

Startup Grind Fremont Chapter Director

The idiom, “Time flies when you’re having fun” was our first thought last month when we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Fremont’s Startup Grind Chapter. It’s hard to believe that we have had 12 fireside chats since September 2015. Headlining the celebration was Andrew Dickson, co-founder of Acre Designs, a startup that designs sustainable eco-friendly, high-quality homes equipped with the latest energy-saving technologies.
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Stephen Garcia

President, Bay Area Circuits

Last Friday, Fremont celebrated National Manufacturing Day by inviting students and jobseekers to attend 11 manufacturing facility tours across the City. We sat down with Stephen Garcia, President, Bay Area Circuits, a printed circuit board manufacturer, to debrief on the day and hear a manufacturer’s perspective on the importance of Manufacturing Day. Read on to learn how companies like Bay Area Circuits are challenging old-school perceptions of manufacturing and showing people, especially younger generations, that making things is cool again.
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Cloud is Where the Cost Savings Are

Posted on Oct 04, 2016

Bastin Gerald

CEO of Apptivo

We recently sat down with Bastin Gerald, CEO of Fremont-based Apptivo, a cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) software company. Here’s a bit about the company’s growth, its commitment to CRM and why Fremont is a great location for its headquarters.
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Christina Briggs

Deputy Economic Development Director/Assistant to the City Manager

​Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the hardware renaissance that is sweeping Silicon Valley (and the world), and is largely driven by advances in IoT. From its impact on local manufacturing to the way it’s changing real estate demand, it’s fair to say that we have provided in-depth coverage on this topic. But, one element that has not received as much attention, partially because it’s perhaps the most challenging aspect of hardware product development, is how the latest advances in hardware development are getting funded.
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Todd Bell

Sr. Energy Analyst, Fisher-Nickel, Inc

TSV: Tell us more about Fishnick and the Food Service Technology Center. What goes on here and how can this partnership with PG&E help small businesses? TB: Fisher-Nickel, Inc. manages the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC) in San Ramon under contract with PG&E. The Center is one of three utility energy centers, along with those located in San Francisco and Stockton. The FSTC offers educational programs as well as energy efficiency services to utility customers and commercial food service industry stakeholders. Examples include appliance testing, energy audits, equipment demonstrations, new construction design assistance, development of utility appliance rebates, and onsite energy measurement of energy using systems.
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David Ginsberg

Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

At last week’s East Bay Manufacturing and Logistics Summit, the region convened to hear from industry executives and public officials about what policy, infrastructure, and talent needs face regional manufacturing/logistics. Taking center stage for the morning keynote was David Ginsberg of Fremont’s Sonic Manufacturing Technologies as he described a revolutionary new program the company has launched to automate purchasing and supply chain. As David put it, “If you compete on price alone, you’re either a commodity or a memory,” — an idea he explains in our interview below.
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Shilpi Sharma

Startup Grind Fremont Chapter Director

Everything you need to know about Amit Kumar, Fremont’s August Startup Grind guest, is embedded in the name of his company, “Trimian.” The name stems from “tri-simian” (three monkeys) and references “sanbiki no sari” (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil). In other words, Kumar likes to monkey around, and in the process, solve real problems. He believes that the best startup ideas are what you wish your company was doing, but it isn’t.
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Fred Diaz

City Manager

Traffic congestion is a sign of economic vibrancy, but it’s also a major pain point for residents and businesses. So, what can be done to address the issue?
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