Christina Briggs

Deputy Economic Development Director/Assistant to the City Manager

If you read Monday’s blog post, then you know we are well into Manufacturing Week and heading for its culmination this Friday, October 4, when companies across the country will celebrate National Manufacturing Day. In Fremont, it’s shaping up to be an event-packed day, and if you plan on visiting any of our companies that are opening up their doors for this occasion, be sure to register. Chances are you will see us there!
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Jennifer Chen

Economic Development Coordinator

Friday, October 4, 2013, is National Manufacturing Day. Local manufacturers, along with more than 700 companies nationwide, will host open house events to demonstrate what manufacturing is and what it isn’t. The goal for Manufacturing Day is to change the public image of manufacturing and promote it as a viable career option for future generations.
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Mark Robson

Robson Homes

As we join Fremont in welcoming Whole Foods today, Robson Homes is very proud and excited to celebrate the grand opening of the market within our custom-designed retail center at the gateway to Fremont’s new downtown. Since the early ’90s, Robson Homes has built a dozen residential communities in Fremont alone. We have developed a strong appreciation for the community and learned a tremendous amount about consumer preferences in Fremont.
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Joel Falcone

SVP & GM at Excelitas Technologies

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Product Realization Group’s 2013 Annual Symposium, where the theme was “Go Local.” Reshoring is all the rage with politicians and business media, and for good reason. I’m not suggesting offshoring or outsourcing does not have value under the right circumstances; however, I am saying that the 1990’s decision-making process was too narrowly focused on labor costs/short-term profit and completely missed the boat on the more critical metrics, including customers, innovation, growth and operating leverage.
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Innovation – A Core City Service

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Nadine Nader

Deputy City Manager

With Washington focused on budget battles and partisan gridlock, cities have emerged as the best source of government innovation. Our residents are busier than ever and more dependent on their smart phones and technology tools to keep them informed of not only what is happening in the world, but what is happening in their local communities. With this new reality, it is imperative that cities look at innovation as a core service. The City of Fremont has not waited for innovation to impose itself on the organization. Instead it has taken several innovation strides and continues to seek new ways of doing business. Our most recent example is our new Business Website and accompanying Blog. But there are other ways we are keeping our community engaged in the City’s growth.
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Kelly Kline

Economic Development Director & Chief Innovation Officer

On Tuesday morning, Vice Mayor Anu Natarajan was featured on a “Smart Cities” Panel at the Frost & Sullivan GIL 2013: Silicon Valley Conference (Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership) featuring executives from cities, utilities and suppliers. The conversation focused on what compels a city to make an evolutionary and sometimes radical change to a smart city.
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Gregory Theyel

Program Director, East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network

Thanks to a major effort from the East Bay EDA, and participating cities including Fremont, five federal agencies have invested $2.2 million over three years in order to form the East Bay Biomedical Manufacturing Network. The objective of the Network is to enhance the San Francisco East Bay innovation ecosystem for technology transfer, workforce development, and economic growth in bioscience and medical device manufacturing. The Network’s specific efforts include:
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Jeff Schwob

Community Development Director

Dating back to the days when five small towns came together to form Fremont, small businesses had been an integral part of the City fabric. But we recognize that it can be difficult to navigate the seemingly endless maze of bureaucracy that confronts the new business owner. Well, the City has good news for its small business community. You have our attention, and we want to help. That’s why we have a new position specifically dedicated to all things small business. Enter Jackie Hall, the City’s new “Small Business Ally”!
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Christina Briggs

Deputy Economic Development Director/Assistant to the City Manager

Historically, economic development has been synonymous with tempting new businesses to relocate. That’s why it was rather earth-shattering when the Bay Area Council came out with a report last year that concluded that only 2 percent of all new job creation in our region comes from businesses relocating from another city or state. It went on to explain that nearly half of all job creation comes from existing businesses growing and expanding in place. This has forced all cities to ask themselves, “Why have we been devoting so much effort on just 2 percent?”
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Mark Danaj

Assistant City Manager/COO

Business investment thrives in communities that function effectively and are stable ¬both politically and administratively. It used to be a given that cities were financially solvent. Not only were they solvent, they had the best credit rankings and were synonymous with long-term stability. This has all changed ....
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