Jennifer Chen

Economic Development Coordinator

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, Fremont has a robust retention-oriented economic development strategy, due in large part to research from the Bay Area Council, which suggests that most job growth comes from the expansion of existing businesses and startups. We’ve highlighted some great success stories in the business retention blog “Business Retention & Expansion Success: Why we’re not cold calling.”
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Kelly Kline

Economic Development Director & Chief Innovation Officer

As retailers get ready for the holiday rush, we thought we would take a step back and consider the broader retail landscape. As a city with rapidly changing demographics, Fremont has experienced firsthand the phenomenon of store offerings not keeping up with demand and buying power. Why does this happen?
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Jeff Schwob

Community Development Director

Fremont residents looking to sell their homes can breathe a collective sigh of relief. The Movoto Real Estate Blog searched the nation to determine which cities in America are best for home sellers, and Fremont topped the list, reaffirming that Fremont is indeed investment-worthy. They looked at the country’s 100 largest cities in terms of population and considered a variety of criteria in order to come up with the final ranking, including total homes for sale per capita, median days on the market, crime rate, school quality and unemployment rate. When it came down to it, Fremont excelled in every area, which is why it came in as the best city in the nation for home sellers.
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Christina Briggs

Deputy Economic Development Director/Assistant to the City Manager

Last week, the prominent Bay Area Real Estate publication, The Registry, hosted an East Bay-focused event to discuss our region’s prospects for growth based on the significant network of existing and planned transit connections. It turns out that transportation may be the single most important factor in determining our long-term economic success.
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Jennifer Chen

Economic Development Coordinator

A recent Wall Street Journal headline declared that that’s the case: “This is Silicon Valley’s superiority complex, and it sure is an ugly thing to behold. As the tech industry has shaken off the memories of the last dot-com bust, its luminaries have become increasingly confident about their capacity to shape the future. And now they seem to have lost all humility about their place in the world.”
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Rosemary Coates

How do you know when it is time to bring your manufacturing back and what products should you manufacture in America? When determining the costs and feasibility of reshoring, there are many things that companies must consider. To get ready to reshore your products, you must consider many aspects of the reshoring decision. Below are 7 important questions to help analyze your Supply Chain rebalancing plans
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Q & A with Alter-G CEO

Posted on Nov 06, 2013

Steve Basta

CEO, Alter-G

We recently sat down with Steve Basta, CEO of Fremont-based Alter-G. Alter-G manufactures revolutionary equipment to aid in physical therapy and improves mobility, including the Anti-Gravity Treadmill and the world’s first intuitive bionic leg. Keep reading to learn more about the company’s tremendous growth, commitment to U.S. manufacturing, and why Fremont works as the location for its headquarters.
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Dan Schoenholz

Deputy Community Development Director

Our region is known throughout the world as a place where big, game-changing ideas are born and take hold. A great example was the announcement last week that 19 Bay Area public agencies, including the City of Fremont, are joining together to request proposals for bringing clean, renewable energy to up to 187 publicly owned buildings and spaces in the Bay Area, with construction beginning in late 2014.
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Jessica von Borck

Assistant City Manager

Over the summer, Paragon Apartments opened their doors to a whole new housing opportunity in Downtown Fremont. This is first residential project to be constructed within the Downtown core boundaries and was built by Urban Housing. The project brings an active pedestrian base to support existing and future commercial development Downtown, and exemplifies the Downtown vision.
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Kelly Kline

Economic Development Director & Chief Innovation Officer

When the opportunity to host The Cleantech Open Western Region Finals came up, we jumped on it. After all, the City of Fremont is no stranger to cleantech. In fact, we’d consider the cleantech sector a rather close friend. We’ve overcome the Solyndra storm. We’re home to the Tesla factory, current darling of the zero-emissions scene. And we mingle with cleantech experts and innovators like the best of them. It’s all part of our goal to see cleantech survive and thrive. If you’re curious
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