As more employers value and invest in work-life balance, Fremont is turning heads — for good reasons.

This year, Fremont has been named the least-stressed city by WalletHub, which compared 182 cities across 37 key metrics ranging from job security to family stability and crime rates. According to the study, Fremont has the lowest separation and divorce rate, highest median credit score, and overall lowest total “stress score.”

What else distinguishes Fremont from other cities? For one thing, we’re home to more than 900 advanced manufacturing companies as well as 1,215 acres of park land. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley life, you can always find an oasis in the over 60 parks within Fremont’s borders.



The iconic Mission Peak provides an epic bird’s eye view of the San Francisco Bay, attracting hikers, bicyclists, and sightseers all year long. On the waterfront, the Ardenwood District is not only the new real estate hotspot for companies like Facebook and Boehringer Ingelheim, but also the most tech-friendly wildlife system in Silicon Valley.



In Fremont, economic development, career opportunities, and resident happiness go hand-in-hand. Fremont’s fastest growing district in Warm Springs welcomes both businesses and families as they grow together in a place where R&D and R&R can coexist.

At the end of the day, you can always unwind and reboot in the heart of Fremont. Within a 10-minute walk from the Downtown Fremont BART Station, we are cultivating a social heartbeat and gathering place for the Fremont community. Capitol Avenue is now a multi-functional “complete street” that is transforming Downtown Fremont into a walkable, bike-friendly district. In fact, check out Town Fair Plaza, a new temporary plaza located at 39100 State Street.

Designed to celebrate and promote local culture and creativity, Town Fair Plaza is Fremont’s latest placemaking project, piloting concepts that can later be integrated into the permanent plaza. Live music, food trucks, and family-friendly games like mini golf and table tennis are a must. You can also find community classes, maker spaces, and a beer garden.



Fremont is never short of restaurants offering gourmet foodies a global experience, or cafés for coffee lovers scouting for the latest and greatest. And families are secure in knowing that their kids attend some of the best schools in the state, if not the nation, thanks to Fremont’s world-class education system.

With the Labor Day weekend right around the corner, why don’t you come to Fremont and see it all for yourself?