Fremont has over 50 million square feet of office/R&D/industrial space and 900 companies that are “making” and manufacturing in these buildings. While driving past these facilities, have you ever wondered what kinds of activities are happening inside? The opportunity to find out is coming soon as Manufacturing Day, a celebration of manufacturing practices that build local, national, and global economies.

Established in 2012, Manufacturing Day celebrates the industry of modern manufacturing, overcome industry misperceptions, and attract the next generation of workers. On Manufacturing Day, manufacturing companies across the U.S. open their doors for students and teachers to attend tours of their facilities to see first-hand what modern manufacturing operations look like. This year, it will happen on October 4, 2019.

In Fremont, we have always had strong company representation on Manufacturing Day. Among our Manufacturing Day “veterans” are ALOM, Bay Area Circuits, Evolve Manufacturing, Elringklinger, Littelfuse, and Steri-Tek. This year, they will be joined by first timers such as MASS Precision.

Last year, I attended my first Manufacturing Day, and after touring Evolve Manufacturing, Elringklinger, and Steri-Tek, I realized that the misconceptions were just that — misconceptions. While many envision dangerous assembly lines and products being created on a large scale and transported via a conveyor belt, that certainly isn’t the case. Products and services emerge much faster, more efficiently in a higher tech atmosphere.

So, what exactly does happen behind those closed doors? Production of customized parts for all types of vehicles, invention of new medical device equipment, distribution of food products, and decontamination or sterilization of sensitive materials are only a small fraction of what’s happening.

If you are a local manufacturing company that wants to attract the brightest talent, what better way than to showcase your facility and operations to the future workforce pipeline from our local schools and colleges? The Economic Development team is here to help companies interested in hosting a tour. Contact me at to sign up and get connected with a student group. It’s a great way to cultivate the workforce and inspire students to pursue a career they may have never considered before.