Downtown: A Different Take on “If We Build it, They Will Come”


Every city has its own personality, culture, and heartbeat.

Fremont is no exception. But while there’s plenty of spirit and flavor sprinkled throughout our City, there has never been a central location for residents to get together to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, watch sports, or simply enjoy a really good taco truck.

Until now.

Within walking distance to BART, our Downtown District is poised to become a vibrant urban area with new housing and thriving retail businesses. Capitol Avenue is now a multimodal street that is transforming Downtown into a walkable, bike-friendly district. Speaking of retail, Whole Foods, The Counter, Rita’s of Fremont, Pieology, TECO Tea and Coffee Bar, and Philz Coffee are just a few of the retailers lining Fremont’s “social heart.”

Already home to prominent street fairs such as the Burgers & Brew Fest and the Fremont Festival of the Arts — the largest free festival west of the Mississippi, Downtown Fremont will soon have dedicated social gathering spots, including civic plazas, entertainment venues, and more.

Our approach to building Downtown Fremont is a touch unconventional. By flipping that famous line from “Field of Dreams” on its head, we’re asking for each Fremont resident’s input on what would encourage them to pause Netflix, get off their couch, and head into Downtown.

That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Public Space Authority. They hit the Fremont pavement to learn about the kinds of events and entertainment venues that the community wants to see, whether it’s ping pong tables or an ice skating rink.

We’ve already struck gold with one downtown event that has become an instant favorite: Fremont Street Eats.

Featuring a rotating cast of food trucks and beer selections every week from May to October, Fremont Street Eats gives residents a place to gather, see old friends, and enjoy a “Cluckinator” waffle sandwich.


Every now and then, it’s healthy to get away from the pixels, IPOs, and JavaScript codes. That’s where the Town Fair Temporary Plaza comes in. Besides accommodating Fremont Street Eats, it also hosts outdoor games, public art, music, a beer garden, maker space, and regularly scheduled community events.

Speaking of cultivating our City’s community, the future Civic Center will fill the Downtown district with a large public plaza and consolidated City government offices. This permanent space will then feature all of the most popular events and gatherings that were once held at the Town Fair Temporary Plaza based on resident input.

We’re building this Downtown from the ground up. Join us as we fill in each city block, one suggestion at a time.