Doing business in Silicon Valley calls for connecting in the digital world as well as the physical world.

Sure, our regular customers cut some slack. After all, as Fremont’s Economic Development Department, we are part of a government agency. However, we
can’t expect to attract new business unless we reflect the sophistication of the businesses we seek to serve. But keep reading. I think you’ll find that Fremont is taking a cue from its innovation companies and innovating itself on a whole new level.

Welcome to Think Silicon Valley – our new, and definitely improved, media property (a.k.a. website) focused on Fremont’s business proposition. Even though the “media property” terminology was new to us, it changes entirely how we view this asset. “Property” implies online real estate, and real estate is our sweet spot. This is valuable space that needs to be as visually pleasing as it is useful. It needs to change with the market. Most importantly, it needs to be relevant, or our customers won’t visit regularly.

We’d also like to welcome you to our new blog: “Takes from Silicon Valley East”. Our view is slightly different here on the east side of the bay – from the Mission Peak backdrop to the advanced manufacturing companies that dot our boulevards. As we become more urban and strive to interpret the business issues affecting our innovation economy, we want to share with you our observations, insights, photos, arguments, agreements, inspirations and CEO interviews.

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We hope you’ll engage with us too, whether to comment on a blog post or to tell us what we’re missing on the website. We are so serious about wanting to meet your needs, that we ask the “What are we missing?” question on the bottom of every page. You don’t see governments doing that every day!

So let’s get started. We welcome your ongoing feedback, and we’ll reciprocate by keeping our website and blog bursting with heady content as we seek to intertwine our physical and digital worlds.