While Fremont’s historic districts each have a unique identity, what they have in common are successful, family-owned, small businesses adding to the districts’ economic vibrancy of the city.

Recently, we spoke with three of small-business entrepreneurs to hear their insights on what it takes to run a successful business.

Inkies Tattoo Studio Located in the Irvington District, owner, Robert Arquero works with a team of tattoo artists to provide skin art design services. When asked about the most important element of starting or running a successful business, Robert said it takes “great product, great service, and great environment.”

Located in the Centerville District, Schmartboard’s Neal Greenberg, VP of Sales & Marketing, shared that they work with startups and multi-billion dollar corporations to design, fabricate, and assemble electronic circuits. Neal’s favorite marketing technique is to “entice potential customers to request a free sample (Schmartboard). Giving them a taste of something that solves a significant problem, with a reason to act now, is good marketing.”

Located in the Niles District, owner Rae Steckler is passionate about the antique business. According to Rae, “locally made, locally sourced, made in USA, upcyle, reuse, and recycle are the trends that my customers want.” Keeping a pulse on these trends allows classic business concepts to stay fresh and current.

In general, these entrepreneurs identify the following tips as keys to their success:

  • Prioritizing customer service
  • In depth knowledge of your product or industry.
  • Practice best-in-class content marketing strategies and plans including strong social media presence, ability to connect with potential customers 24/7, and word of mouth promotion.

Not only is starting a new business is daunting, but it’s also extremely rewarding. Our experts suggest speaking with other business owners in the industry in order to learn from them as best practice before setting out to start your own business. Then pay it forward by passing on your hard-earned knowledge to the next startup entrepreneur.