The City of Fremont, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, and Alameda County Small Business Development Center (Alameda County SBDC) have a successful partnership creating opportunities for small business owners to network and learn through a variety of workshops and events. Each fiscal year, the City of Fremont conducts a survey to critique our program and assess current needs.

First, the good news. This year’s survey showed that small businesses are doing very well, both in revenue and in profitability. 68% of respondents said that they will be hiring employees in the next year. Now, the bad news. With historic lows in unemployment (2.6% unemployment rate for Fremont in May), hiring skilled workers will be a concern in all business sectors.

The City of Fremont and Alameda County SBDC use the survey results to offer specialized business workshops. Last year’s lineup included:

  • Specialized training in Securing Government Grants for Technology Development (SBIR)
  • A Fremont Area “Makers” Night
  • A panel featuring Successful Female CEOs
  • “How to” workshops on Website Development and Business Tax Tips

Next year’s lineup will be heavily influenced by survey feedback. Expect to see content focused on: Attracting New Customers, Retaining Current Customers, and Hiring Skilled Employees beginning this fall.

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