Good things come to those who wait, they say. We agree.

If you still haven’t done your holiday shopping because you’re waiting for the perfect gift for yourself or that special someone, you’re winning.

That’s because we have handpicked a list of gifts that are sure to impress. Best of all, these awesome products are made right here in Fremont!

Brimming with unique, environmentally conscious, and locally manufactured products, our list this year will not only dazzle your loved ones, but will also make you feel extra good this season by supporting local businesses.

So go ahead, check out these loveable one-of-a kind gift ideas — ’tis the season, after all!

The Mahindra GenZe — e-Bikes/Scooters


If you’re looking for a cleaner commute option, the GenZe 2.0 all-electric scooter is your best friend. Designed for commuters riding in city centers, the GenZe emits no greenhouse gases, runs on electricity instead of gasoline, and offers an easy to charge feature that will last 30 miles. Other useful features include generous storage space, earning it the nickname of “tiny two-wheeled pickup truck.”

And let’s not forget the e-Bikes. With multiple ride modes, a removable battery that plugs in anywhere, and a connected app, GenZe e-Bikes put the fun in functional. More:

Fossa Apparel — Clothing


Fossa Apparel is a family-owned, women-owned small business that believes in making clothes that are not only comfortable, but also affordable. Not only is Fossa Apparel the one-stop shop for active members of your family and friends, they even take custom orders and offer OEM/private label services.

Aptly located in the Innovation District, the company brings innovative designs and carefully manufactured apparel to your hands. The quality and affordability of their products will help offset the one-in-every-color splurge. More:

AlterG — Anti-Gravity Treadmills


AlterG makes mobility enhancement products that take physical therapy and athletic training to a whole new level — think anti-gravity treadmills and bionic legs. In fact, it is the world’s first anti-gravity treadmill that makes you lighter and lets you run or walk at 20–99 percent of your body weight.

Originally designed to help astronauts get exercise in space by adding pressure to simulate gravity, the NASA technology was flipped on its head to reduce gravity for earthlings instead. If you or a loved one is looking for athletic conditioning, or wants a workout without impacting their joints, or is rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, the anti-gravity treadmill guarantees a perfect workout every time. Might we suggest asking your favorite gym to invest in one of these?  More:

Surecall — Cell Signal Boosters


Maybe the latest smartphone is on your wish list this year … or maybe you aren’t as patient after all and already bought one for yourself. Whatever the case may be, one thing you do not want is a weak cell signal. That is why we added Surecall to our list. With patented and award-winning signal booster technology for the home, office, and car, Surecall products dramatically improve cellular reception, sound quality, data speeds, and reliability, all at an affordable price.  Earn the title of the best gift giver this year and invest for yourself as well to “raise your bars.” More:

 Royole — Moon 3D Mobile Theater


For the gamer or the movie addict in your life, Royole’s 3D Moon is an unparalleled gift. Ultra-high-resolution displays, top-quality noise-cancelling headphones, and the world’s first foldable design are just a few features of the Moon. Made in Fremont, the Moon creates a first-class movie theater experience and would make a fabulous gift for any occasion. More:

And if you want to add a crafty touch to your gifts, pick up a few of these dazzling handmade things of beauty that can enliven any drab space under the tree. Explore Fremont’s extraordinary makers: Carole Wang, Wood Burn Corner, Dragonfly Market, The Little Red House, Poppyhearts, Woolables, Big Noggin Baby.

We hope this list gave you enough motivation to tackle last-minute yet thoughtful gift shopping. With the holiday shopping out of the way, just imagine what you will do with the spare time! May we suggest working on your acceptance speech for the “best gifter of the year” award?

On behalf of our team at Fremont Economic Development, we wish our readers happy holidays! Thank you for supporting Fremont businesses during the holiday season and all year round. See you bright and early in January 2018.

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