As a regular reader of our blog, you already know that Fremont has a thriving Innovation District. But, you may not know what’s happening behind the scenes to build a supportive innovation ecosystem to support the physical infrastructure and marquee corporations with networking opportunities, educational partnerships, and workforce development. Fremont is at the forefront of “Economic Development 2.0”–an interconnected ecology to support entrepreneurship and long-term sustainable growth.

The piece below describes the evolution of Fremont’s Innovation District. It was originally printed on July 31, 20015 in Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Redefining What it Means to be a Silicon Valley City Advertising Supplement on page 13.

As the City prepares for the future development of Warm Springs as a 21st century employment center, it is actively enhancing the area by implementing a multi-faceted strategy to support its growth. This strategy relies heavily on branding the area as an Innovation District through marketing collateral and district-wide wayfinding signage (currently in design). In addition, the City has partnered with local real estate brokerage professionals, property owners, and tenants to provide for cross-promotional opportunities, including identifying when a business or building is located within the district, which includes Warm Springs, Bayside, and Kato Road.

The Fremont Innovation District highlights the existing concentration of large innovative businesses such as Tesla Motors, Lam Research, Delta Products, Seagate, Western Digital, ThermoFisher, as well as a number of startups in clean technologies, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing in the area.

Other unique strategies Fremont is pursuing to broaden the innovation ecosystem include:

  • Cultivating the start-up scene and providing opportunities for networking and mentorship
  • Supporting the maker movement through partnerships with the public school system
  • A focus on place making, creating a culture of innovation to attract a new generation of workforce

Through this system-wide approach, Fremont aligns with leading edge thinking from the Brookings Institute and others about the spatial requirements for future innovation growth.