Today, Facebook donated $10,000 to support the Gift Fremont program, an initiative that began in May 2020 to incentivize community members to purchase eGift Cards from participating small businesses in Fremont to help support the local business ecosystem as they battle the economic effects of the pandemic.

Donations like these have helped the program extend beyond the original September 30 date by providing funds for both the bonuses that go to those who purchase gift cards and the merchant fees associated with the Yiftee platform that powers the initiative.

This contribution builds on Facebook’s $200 million in commitments to small businesses around the world. Over 160 million businesses use the Facebook family of apps each month to connect with customers. This particular donation will tangibly support the small businesses across Fremont, including those near Facebook’s Ardenwood District office.

“Small businesses are the soul of our communities, and the heart of what we do at Facebook, so we’re here to help as they work through this incredibly challenging time. To build on our ongoing commitments to the small business community across the United States, we’re proud to partner with the City of Fremont to support local small businesses by contributing to the City’s innovative ‘Gift Fremont’ initiative,” said Auggie Torres, Facebook’s Community Engagement Manager.

By supporting programs like Gift Fremont and building tools to help communities find and support local businesses on our platforms, Facebook is providing the aid necessary to keep businesses like the below participants of Gift Fremont healthy and operating.

Mission Pizza & Pub



If you like pizza (who doesn’t?) and have been a part of the Fremont community for a while, you’ve most likely been to Mission Pizza & Pub, a well-established pizzeria that’s been open for 30 years. The owners of Mission Pizza & Pub are lifetime Bay Area residents, proudly serving creative gourmet pizza and the finest classic recipes in a fun, family environment.

“Having access to the gift cards online and having the program be touch-free is great for both our customers and us. And, having the bonus incentive has certainly helped drive sales. We really need the extra help that Facebook is providing in sponsoring this program. It’s helping us to stay in business, and to continue providing people the pizza, beer and other comfort food they need to get through this pandemic,” Mission Pizza & Pub co-owner Andrea Cardoza said.


Nature’s Ice Cream



Nature’s Organic Ice Cream began because owner Supraja was getting tired of feeding her child unhealthy junk ice cream that was laced with too much sugar, artificial additives, emulsifiers, and other processed ingredients. Now you can try over 24 organic flavors of ice cream including Honey Lavender, Espresso Coffee, and Chocolate Aztec at the Niles shop!

 “The Gift Fremont program is really helpful – I was overwhelmed with gratitude that the City of Fremont and Facebook were doing something for us, given the uncertainties we face as a business right now. Small businesses definitely need that support – every little bit helps right now,” said Nature’s Organic Ice Cream owner Supraja.


Joe’s Corner



Also located in the historic town of Niles, Joe’s Corner is a kids and pet-friendly restaurant and craft beer pub. This cool, casual and charming neighborhood destination offers a large selection of exquisite, craft beer from local breweries including IPA’s, Double IPA’s, Pilsner, Wheat Beer, Porter/Stout, Lager, Sour and Ciders on 19 taps.

 “The Gift Fremont concept is a great one that’s working out well. We are very popular with the locals here but are excited to see the Gift Card program bring in new customers – about 30-40% of business from the gift card program is from new customers,” said Joe’s Corner owner Neelam Chakrabarty.


Teo Chow Noodle Shack



Originally started as a father and son business with over 40 combined years of cooking between Guangdong, Hong Kong, and United States, Teo Chow Noodle Shack was re-established in 2015 by a husband and wife duo pursing the identity of American-Chinese flavors, continuing to push boundaries.

 “The gift cards for the local residents have had a big impact that I’ve noticed since COVID began. I think this program is very important as it shows the support both the local community and the City have for supporting small businesses during this pandemic. Being onsite at the restaurant, we see the customers and interact with them, and it draws a bigger impact than expected, as we see new customers returning and spreading the word,” said Teo Chow Noodle Shack’s Co-Owner, Calvin Ng.


Falafel, etc.



After years of making his father’s falafel recipe, Falafel, etc. owner Ramzi has perfected his own formula that you can try yourself to experience the crunch of the freshly fried outer layer and tender bright green interior flecked with spices. From the falafel to the shawarma seasoning imported from Israel and delectable hummus, Falafel, etc. is a Mediterranean feast that you can enjoy in the heart of Fremont.

 “I’m very happy about the Gift Fremont program and that Facebook jumped in to support small businesses. It really touches me that the community and the City are actually there to help us, particularly small businesses that live more month to month in economic downturns. We need more programs like this,” Falafel, etc. owner Ramzi Totari said.


To date, Gift Fremont has generated over $23,000 in small business revenue with additional, much-needed revenue to come as COVID-related restrictions continue to impact Fremont’s restaurants, merchants, and other businesses. The program has been so successful in fact, that Morgan Hill, Danville, Newark, Livermore, and the Village of Lisle, IL are all interested in rolling out similar programs on the Yiftee platform in their own cities to support small businesses. In fact, Carlsbad, CA has already rolled out its own iteration at

Fremont-based independent small businesses that are interested in participating in Gift Fremont can sign up to create custom-branded eGift Cards in minutes, which can be sold on their company website, Facebook pages, and through the Gift Fremont eGift Card platform itself. To date, there are 37 participating merchants that have received over 195,000 social impressions stemming from the program’s marketing efforts.

For questions about how you can donate or support small business owners in Fremont through Gift Fremont, please email