It’s a universal truth that small business are the backbone of a city’s community and local economy. With so many small businesses adversely impacted by COVID-19, effective solutions to support them require buy-in from community members, city officials, and business owners. Fremont has recognized this and in turn created a tool that enables this multi-level buy-in: Gift Fremont.

The Gift Fremont program empowers members of the public to purchase eGift Cards on a Yiftee-powered platform from participating Fremont-based small business vendors, including retail outlets and independent restaurants currently on the front lines of social-distance takeout orders, while receiving an extra bonus amount courtesy of the City of Fremont.

With the community and city stepping in, over $18,000 in small business revenue has been generated from the program in just eight weeks. It gives us much pride to add Centers Dynamic Partners to the list of business owners who are also supporting local Fremont eateries and stores that populate shopping centers like ours. By contributing $5,000 to the Gift Fremont program, we’ll enable the city to keep the program running past its original September 30 date.



Simply put, the impacts of COVID will continue on into the next calendar year and will linger after a vaccine is developed. That’s why ongoing support of programs like these are needed, and why we felt committed to connecting with Fremont to continue this effective way of lending support to the beloved small businesses within the community, until they can fully open their doors again when county and state regulations around the pandemic lift.

Economic recovery will require support from players at every level of the Fremont community, from individuals and families to large enterprises. We feel our contribution also shows these small businesses that the shopping centers they make possible is willing to support them all the way.