We’re celebrating National Small Business Week and all of the contributions that small enterprises make to Fremont’s community and the economy. This network of small businesses in our historic business districts, downtown, and Warm Springs District give our city its unique and authentic character. One of these businesses is German-style brewery DasBrew, Inc. that offers a laid-back atmosphere where the beginnings of partnerships happen, ideas are shared, and the opportunity to connect or reconnect with others abounds. In other words, it’s one of those places in Fremont where you can kick back and relax after a good day’s work. DasBrew co-owners and husband and wife team Jan Schutze and Priscilla La Rocca shared their story with us and told us why they are passionate about what they do.

Q: We love inspiring business stories. Can you tell us yours?

As a young boy, Jan was raised in Germany where he was taught how to brew beer by his grandmother. He has been passionate about brewing and sharing consistent, world-class German-style beer with others ever since. What started out as an in-home hobby, grew into a business in 2009 when Priscilla decided that the 50-gallon brews in the garage had to go.

Q: What’s unique about your beers?

Our beers are all made from ingredients imported from Germany in traditional and innovative ways. The unique brewing and beer aging processes that we use set us apart from other craft breweries.

Q: Beer culture and microbreweries have become so popular in recent years — what do you attribute this to and how has your business grown as a result?

It has been so much fun for us to witness microbreweries and craft beer seeping into popular culture. Not only is it exciting to sample fresh and interesting creations of the craft breweries that have popped up, but also the taprooms themselves bring a neighborhood feel into the community. Microbreweries have created an attractive alternative to mass-produced products. Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of DasBrew producing and selling craft beer in Fremont. Today, we continue to be the only small beer manufacturer in town. For that reason, we are a popular after-work destination spot for many commuters and locals. Our lively taproom, which always has eight beers on tap — including year-round favorites as well as rotating specialty and seasonal beers — is also the destination for meetings, local fundraisers, parties, and community events.

Q: How has technology impacted how you conduct business?

Our temperature and pressure control system for fermentation and carbonation was developed by a local startup and our new state-of-the-art brewing system fits into the Silicon Valley character. And, of course, social media helps us get our name out there to more local and traveling beer lovers.

Q: How do you envision your business evolving over the next few years?

Currently, we are increasing our production volume and plan on adding local tasting rooms, more farmers markets, canned beer, more bottle sales, and more DasBeer Club members. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a great cold brew, “come home” to DasBrew.