Bringing the Fremont Vision to Life

Nov 19, 2015

Fred Diaz

City Manager

As you travel throughout Fremont to get to work or school, go shopping, dine out, or take in one of our beautiful parks, you have probably noticed some changes happening in our city. In particular, new development is planned and, in some cases, is currently underway in several key areas.

What you’re seeing throughout our city actually reflects the community’s vision as adopted in the General Plan to meet the need of our current and future population. The concentration of new development in certain strategic areas means that most existing neighborhoods won’t see significant changes. It is true, however, that as the city grows, impacts will occur. Some impacts are beneficial and even support specific uses the community has repeatedly asked for, including a growing variety of restaurants, shops, and services.

The City is changing, maturing, and becoming a more dynamic place, and this is being recognized not only regionally, but globally as well. Fremont continues to prove itself as a hub of innovation in the areas of advanced manufacturing and clean and green technology, among many other employment sectors. The City has outstanding schools and healthcare facilities, low crime rates, an excellent fire protection infrastructure, robust human services, as well as superb park and recreation amenities. During the update of the General Plan and in subsequent community surveys, the City heard loud and clear that Fremont residents want a downtown and more opportunities for employment. The City’s major initiatives within the Downtown/City Center and Warm Springs Innovation District address these requests. Activity in both Centerville and Irvington has also been in the forefront, with several new projects on the horizon. I hope you enjoy learning about the City’s progress on these major initiatives, and we look forward to continued engagement.

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