As a new manufacturer in the Bay Area, ElringKlinger embraced the opportunity to join a bevy of Fremont Original Equipment Manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and supply chain partners on Manufacturing Day 2017 ( #MFGDay17). Sharing technology with students and demonstrating lean manufacturing practices are values that date back to our beginnings in Germany in 1885. Today, ElringKlinger has a presence in 49 locations around the globe, including three in the U.S.

Since opening the doors of our Silicon Valley production facility 90 days ago, we have been modeling the advanced lean manufacturing processes for which we have become known. Whether we are making noise-absorbent underbody panels, battery components, or durable and lightweight components for cars and commercial vehicles, we strive for efficiency and adaptability.

During the Manufacturing Day 2017 activities, we took pride in sharing our core value of innovation with the visiting students from Ohlone College. For example, we enjoyed seeing our guests’ reactions when we demonstrated ElringKlinger’s process for combining two separate manufacturing operations (metal hydroforming and plastic injection molding) into one process step. They may just take a second look at manufacturing as a place where they can push the boundaries of technology.

The greatest opportunity of all was sharing ElringKlinger’s broader goal of slowing climate change by lowering emissions through reduced vehicle engine weight and continued advances in the new mobility technologies such as fuel cells and battery modules for EV. We believe in the future of e-mobility and in the passion and skills of the Bay Area students who will help us realize that future.

As we expand our operation, ElringKlinger will be looking for talent in production, tool making, and engineering. The German system of apprenticeship has taught us about the importance of collaboration between the academic and corporate worlds. There is no better place to put theoretical knowledge into practice than in a manufacturing operation. This focus on training, trades, and hands-on learning was embodied on Manufacturing Day, and we look forward to our future contributions to Fremont’s manufacturing ecosystem.