The highly anticipated arrival of the new Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station finally provides the 30,000 employees working in Fremont’s Innovation District with an alternate mode of transportation for their daily commute. This will help move cars off the roads and alleviate congestion along the 880 and 680 highway corridors during rush hour.

But, in order to maximize BART ridership, the City of Fremont is analyzing the feasibility of a ‘last mile’ shuttle program in conjunction with bike/pedestrian networks to connect employees who work close to the Innovation District.

Initial results from employer surveys showed a strong preference for commute alternatives such as BART and bike. Additionally, all businesses in Fremont’s Innovation District were invited to a public “open house” where consultants shared survey data and revealed conceptual shuttle routes for the service.

The “last mile” feasibility study will be completed by early spring. But, it’s not too late to give feedback and learn more about the study! For questions, please email Anna Guiles at