Yes, Fremont is known for its suburban roots and family-friendly neighborhoods. At the same time, the city’s rapid growth and thriving local economy are reshaping our scene to bring in an urban dimension.

Consider this –

The number of people who come to work in Fremont each day is equivalent to the population that lives here. That’s a ratio typically associated with major metropolitan cities like Chicago and our Silicon Valley sister San Francisco.

While we celebrate the best aspects of suburban living, we also know there’s an intangible quality from the vibe that percolates in urban settings. It might be an interaction as simple as running into a potential business connection while waiting for that killer cup of coffee made from Colombian Cauchos beans.

That’s where Fremont is headed.

And we’re already making great progress.

The Warm Springs District

Silicon Valley’s newest innovation hub comes in the form of the Warm Springs District.

With 850-acres of vacant or underutilized land and BART's newest station in Warm Springs, the goal is to create a place that’s “hot, hot, hot” to borrow from Buster Poindexter.

Our sights are set on turning the Warm Springs District into a work environment and living space that brings urban cool to Fremont. For a helping hand, we turned to the Urban Land Institute Advisory Services panel to assist with the long-term thinking.

Positioned to attract high-profile companies and startups determined to change the world, the Warm Springs expansion is expected to create 20,000 new jobs by 2040, making Fremont a Silicon Valley touchstone. Plans for a last mile shuttle are underway. Click here to sign up for employer updates and participation.


Fremont knows that fostering a vibrant downtown area is vital to our community. What started as farm land and rural homesteads has evolved into our 430+ acre “City Center.”

But we have a vision for much more – an exciting new urban, mixed-use 110-acre area within City Center: Fremont’s Downtown District.

Fremont’s Downtown Community Plan captures what we’re working to create – a sense of space that attracts residents, employers and visitors. Our goal is to foster a distinct and memorable downtown destination – where you’ll feel the social heartbeat of the City. View the map.

The scene is already coming together as reflected in a couple examples:

  • New retail including Whole Foods, The Counter, Boudin Bakery, Pieology, and soon Philz Coffee have located in Downtown in the last 3 years.
  • Paragon Apartments – a 300-unit apartment building between Walnut and Beacon Avenues and Liberty and California Streets. Less than a mile from BART, the project features a half-acre public park.
  • Locale @ State Street - the first mixed-use project along Capitol Avenue - Fremont's new "Main Street" with 157 units and 20,000+ square feet of ground floor retail.

The BART Connection

Anchored by Fremont City Hall, the Downtown District is within walking distance to the Fremont BART Station. The South Fremont/Warm Springs station extension now allows Fremont to be intrinsically linked to the wider Silicon Valley and Bay Area.

Shopping and Good Eats

Fremont has more than 300 eateries including familiar names along with a diverse range of ethnic cuisines. Whether you’re craving Afghan Bolani, Chicken Tikka Masala or Mango Sticky Rice, you’ll find it in Fremont.

You can also get your “shop on” in centers such as Pacific Commons (over 1 million-square-feet of retail), The Hub and Washington West, along with colorful main street shopping districts like Mission San Jose and Niles.