Coworking Revolution – Startups Find Homes in Fremont

March 24, 2014 at 12:00 PM


Kim Marshall

Economic Development Specialist

In 2013, Fremont was recognized as having the largest number of startups nationally per capita by The same year Newsweek/The Daily Beast named Fremont as the Most Inventive City in America. We became curious. Where are these startups located? While local coffee shops like Suju’s, Starbucks, and Peet’s seemed busy, we wondered about alternative work environments for entrepreneurs.

We’re happy to report that an influx of new coworking facilities in Fremont is making it easier to find our startups. If you haven’t heard, coworking spaces are shared office spaces that offer flexible rental options based on hourly, weekly, or monthly use. Private offices, conference rooms for meetings, collaborative work areas, and tables or desks can be reserved as needed. Coworking spaces provide an alternative work environment for the fledging entrepreneur. Startup companies can gather and mingle, increasing creativity and collaboration across sectors. The flexibility of these places lets entrepreneurs focus on developing their new ideas or concepts without being locked into a long-term lease. 

Fremont currently has five coworking spaces with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, networking opportunities, warehouse space, and IT hosting. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for an innovative work environment, please take a look at the facilities below.

WorkspaceFremont Located in South Fremont in the heart of the Innovation District, 250 yards from the Warm Springs BART station, Workspace Fremont has office and adjacent warehouse space available for lease.


Critosphere Located across from Ohlone College’s Newark Campus, Critosphere’s hip work stations are close to the retail amenities at Pacific Commons and running trails on Mowry Slough.


Planet Magpie Located in South Fremont/Bayside in the Innovation District, Planet Magpie can provide smaller companies with full office facilities and full-service IT needs including cloud storage.


2nd Workspace: Located in South Fremont in the Innovation District, 2nd Workspace offers coworking, networking, and private office and conference rooms in an intimate environment. 


California Green Technology Center (CGTC) – Located in South Fremont in the Innovation District, CGTC is focused on assisting clean technology companies grow their business in California.


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I have been trying to crack the Coworking nut in Fremont for a few years now. For the last few years, it seemed we weren't ready, but the teams at Critosphere and 2nd Workspace seem to have done it. But for now, those two seem to be the ones with a real space you can just turn up and cowork in. The others mentioned have other models. Please do let me know if I am wrong. [I am not familiar with CGTC, I have to admit.]

Oh, and thought not technically in Fremont, but Bay Business Center has been around with similar services to, say Workspace Fremont. They follow the same model of small offices for lease--and have shared serviced. They are in Newark which, being surrounded on all sides by Fremont, is convenient to Fremont, too.
Forgot to say: Thanks for compiling the list. Very useful!


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