Large Employers

Our Value Proposition for Large Companies

They’re not called tech heavyweights for nothing.

These companies meet the needs of industries – whether they’re making analytical instruments, high-performance chips, semiconductor production equipment or hard drives.

They have a global customer base and facilities throughout North America and the rest of the world.

They employ thousands and even tens of thousands in research and development, marketing and sales, assembly and manufacturing.

Fremont Thinks Big

Large companies like Boston Scientific, Western Digital, AXT Inc., Seagate, Synnex and Lam Research all have one other thing in common

They decided to locate in Fremont.

As for the “why,” numerous variables chart this course, but they can be summed up by:

  • The right kind of real estate at the right price; i.e., low rent
  • Location for tapping into Silicon Valley and Central Valley talent
  • Support and expertise from a city that works at the speed of business

A Place to Locate and Expand

And when it’s time to grow, major tenants that already know Fremont are choosing to expand their operations in Fremont.

For example, Seagate Technology recently acquired a cutting-edge research and development complex where the company will be inventing next-generation disk drives.

Thermo Fisher Scientific just bought 22 acres to consolidate its Fremont operations under one roof in a 200,000 square feet R&D/manufacturing facility in Warm Springs.

For big high-tech companies looking to locate business or expand business, Fremont is big enough to have the resources you need – yet small enough to have your back, through every stage of the process.