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Cleantech is Alive and Well in Fremont 2013 Western Regional Awards

Last week, Fremont was the proud host of Cleantech Open’s 2013 Western Regional Awards. The event included two days of startup pitches, judging, networking, thought leadership, and awards. It exuded the energy and determination that only a competition of …
Tesla Motors and the Fremont Marriott…eneur and Investor Cocktail Reception at the Tesla Motors Factory on the evening of Wednesday…oeuvres with Teslaroach. Investing in cleantech giants such as Tesla Motors and SolarCity

The Cleantech Open: It’s Not Our First Cleantech Rodeo

When the opportunity to host The Cleantech Open Western Region Finals came up, we jumped on it. After all, the City of Fremont is no stranger to cleantech. In fact, we’d consider the cleantech sector a rather close friend. We’ve overcome the Solyndra…
re home to the Tesla factory

The Proof is in the Parking Lot: Black Friday Reflections and Fremont’s Retail Mix

As retailers get ready for the holiday rush, we thought we would take a step back and consider the broader retail landscape. As a city with rapidly changing demographics, Fremont has experienced firsthand the phenomenon of store offerings not keeping up w…
t afford a Tesla24 at the Tesla Store at the Fremont Factory.

Broker’s Report: Fremont Market Conditions ‘Advantageous for Tenants’

The Bay Area real estate landscape is much like a puzzle with different submarkets acting as individual pieces, each playing their own role in this dynamic economy. The Fremont submarket continues to remain favorable for tenants as slow leasing condition…
y home to manufacturing heavyweights such as Tesla Motors…quare feet in the Ardenwood business park. Tesla Motors continues to experience rapid growth

SOTU Suggests Fremont is a Microcosm of the “New Energy Economy”

Last week’s State of the Union Address tackled many complex issues, but the focus on climate change and the green economy really struck a chord with us. There was a strong emphasis on the need for a diversified energy strategy and, as we have covered in p…
including Tesla

Silicon Valley City Drives Down The Road Toward Sustainability

The City of Fremont has made a number of local headlines this month for reports on the high number of electric vehicle owners living within its boundaries. With a population of 221,986, Fremont holds 14.3 percent of Alameda County’s 1,554,720 residents. B…
nt would not be complete without mention of Teslas Warm Springs District. But Tesla is not the only clean tech company that cal

Long Time Bay Area Manufacturer Moves into Town – Q&A with South Bay Solutions

As the Bay Area's manufacturing sector grows, Fremont continues to welcome new players into its manufacturing scene. Such was a case earlier this spring, when we welcomed South Bay Solutions (SBS) to our community. This long-time Bay Area business has qu…
ve been recognized as an important member of Teslacloser proximity to Tesla

Closing the Solyndra Chapter

Last week’s news that Tesla has leased the last available former Solyndra facility marks the end of a difficult chapter in Fremont’s history. At the same time, it underscores the City’s more recent storyline as Silicon Valley’s manufacturing hub and as a …
s news that Tesla has leased the last available former Solyndr… and Tesla Tesla. Yes

Reinventing what it means to live in a factory town

Fremont, California is reinventing what it means to live in a factory town, and the electric car giant has joined in what could be a new era of U.S. manufacturing. Manufacturing may conjure up images of smokestacks and smelters, but two former industri…
ant is now home to electric car manufacturer Tesla Tesla

From Manufacturing to "Mom and Pops": Business Visits Provide Broad Industry Insights

g more so thanks to anchor companies such as Tesla. For example… a mile from Teslaproduce circuit boards with Tesla. The proximity made it easy for Tesla and As