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Real Estate Professionals, Civic Leaders, and Makers Convene to Learn about Small-Scale Manufacturing Opportunities

As mentioned in a recent post, last week we hosted an audience of more than 60 makers, manufacturers, brokers, developers, and civic leaders at Ellison Technologies to hear Recast City’s Ilana Preuss discuss Real Estate Opportunities for Makers and Small-…
ivic leaders at Ellison Technologies to hear Recast City

Five ways the Maker Movement can help catalyze a manufacturing renaissance

Amid the hoopla of celebrating a deal to save 800 jobs at a Carrier Corp. factory in Indiana last month, President-elect Donald Trump promised to usher in a “new industrial revolution“—one that sounded as much like a social awakening as a manufacturing on…
in Fremont. Our recent project with Recast City is summarized in the August 2016 post