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Takes From Silicon Valley East (Blog) – A Year in Review

Happy Birthday to our blog! One year has passed since the launch of ThinkSiliconValley.Com, and this blog celebrates our 105th post! With the launch of our business website, we started posting blogs twice a week to Takes From Silicon Valley East and tweet…
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Why NUMMI’S Closure Could Be the Best Thing to Have Ever Happened to Fremont

The City of Fremont has been having a few good years. In fact, you could even say it’s reached its golden era with the construction of the Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station and the City’s brand new Downtown underway.
rprised to hear that our answer would be the NUMMI disaster. With every setback comes a new opp…did just that. Emerging from the wake of the NUMMI closure

EV Power Week in Fremont: Lucid, Chevy, and Tesla Make Major Announcements

Fremont has been earning street cred in electric vehicle (EV) technology since the Model S started rolling off the line in the Tesla Factory, the former home of the GM/Toyota NUMMI partnership.
Toyota NUMMI partnership. But