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Innovation – A Core City Service

With Washington focused on budget battles and partisan gridlock, cities have emerged as the best source of government innovation. Our residents are busier than ever and more dependent on their smart phones and technology tools to keep them informed of no…
ave emerged as the best source of government innovation. Our residents are busier than ever and m… it is imperative that cities look at innovation as a core service. The City of Fremont

Why Award Recognition for Fremont’s “Silicon Valley Website” Matters

The Holmes Report named Fremont’s “Think Silicon Valley” website the winner of the “innovation in owned media” category last month. When we kicked off the campaign to increase awareness of Fremont’s proposition for business back in September 2012, the …
innovation in owned media…bigger at work here. Silicon Valley runs on innovation. Of course…innovation

Special Mid-Market Venture Seminar Tomorrow

You talked, we listened. We’ve heard from so many Fremont companies who are looking for opportunities to network with other Fremont companies and are interested in how national economic trends will affect their business. If this applies to you or someone …
economic trends and what this means for innovation growth. RSVP online at www.thinksiliconval

Exploring Innovation Districts Part 2: Defining Assets and Best Practices for Implementation

On Monday, we dove into the new Innovation District report from the Brookings Institute authored by Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner — specifically looking at the prototypes and forces that are shaping the new Innovation Districts. Today, we are diving even de…
we dove into the new Innovation District report from the Brookings Institute…ototypes and forces that are shaping the new Innovation Districts. Today…looking at the fundamental assets that drive innovation growth. Katz and Wagner say that all Innova

Q&A with Startup Grind Fremont Chapter Director, Shilpi Sharma

Beginning a new Startup Grind Chapter is a startup enterprise unto itself. So why would local entrepreneur Shilpi Sharma tackle this challenge in addition to her duties as COO of Kvantum Inc.? Well, if you’ve heard the term “serial entrepreneur,” then you…
private discussion to spur innovation. It…ring their existing employee base to harness innovation. Fremont…s attitude toward innovation initiatives is important for the community.

Our Favorite Blogs Part 5: Manufacturing

Continuing the “Our Favorite Blogs” series, this latest installment takes a look at valuable insights about manufacturing. It is a vast topic, covering everything from product development to reshoring and growth trends. We enjoy following and reading thes…
ogs and hope you will too. Manufacturing Innovation Blog This blog comes from the Hollings Manu

What Innovation Means to Fremont: VERGE San Francisco 2013

“Cities will die if they don’t reinvent themselves.” This was the core message I wanted people to bring home at this year’s VERGE Conference panel discussion on accelerating civic innovation.
rence panel discussion on accelerating civic innovation. If you ask me… innovation is not just about technology. It…tiates us from most city governments. And innovation isn

Innovation Nodes Fuel Economic Rebirth of Philadelphia

Brotherly love. Cheesesteaks. The 76ers. Philadelphia is the 5th largest city in the U.S. and has no shortage of unique and enduring assets. What has been more fleeting for the birthplace of our independence, is a strong footing for its local economy. Th…
as Philadelphia ups its innovation game. Our Innovation District series continu… an innovation space focused on engineering

A Deep Dive into Current Trends and Future Growth of Silicon Valley Industrial Real Estate

In an effort to highlight national and local trends in real estate, technology, and manufacturing, we recently caught up with Kelly Gray, Vice President of Brokerage and Location Advisory at Jones Lang LaSalle, for her insights on industrial real estate.