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FUSE” – Fremont’s Effort to Bring the Underground Arts Scene Above Ground

The former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg declared that “Cities must be Cool, Creative, and In Control”(1) . In Bloomberg’s article he states that in an increasingly competitive landscape, in order to keep and attract talent, being “cool” counts. Th…
transformed into a hotbed of creativity by FUSEthe Fremont Underground Social Experience. FUSE is a collection of artists…nd creative products. Highlights from the FUSE event included the

Fremont Maker Education Update: Listening Tour Reveals Key Puzzle Pieces

You may recall from our October Q&A with FUSE Fellow Parker Thomas that he probably has the most interesting one-year assignment imaginable: creating a maker education platform for Fremont’s schools and the community at large with the goal of building the…
A with FUSE Fellow Parker Thomas that he probably has th… with key excerpts below. FUSE Update December 2017