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Fremont to Double its Publicly Accessible EV Charging Infrastructure

Fremont ranked high in a recent funding opportunity issued by the California Energy Commission, with both the City of Fremont (under the Bay Area Charge Ahead Project) and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce on the proposed notice of award list for the instal…
EV infrastructure. With only one Level 1… 25 Level 2… awards will more than double the number of Level 2 stations and increase the total number o…f publicly accessible EV chargers in Fremont to 72 ports. Under the

EV Power Week in Fremont: Lucid, Chevy, and Tesla Make Major Announcements

Fremont has been earning street cred in electric vehicle (EV) technology since the Model S started rolling off the line in the Tesla Factory, the former home of the GM/Toyota NUMMI partnership.
EVs role in the future of EVs was solidified with several major announcem… the Chevy Bolt debut at the Fremont Auto Mall…Lucid Air. Lucid is creating a new luxury EV that attracted the who