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Part I: America’s Advanced Industries: The Backbone of Innovative, Sustained Economic Growth in the U.S.

In the midst of rising uncertainty about the health and long-term stability of our nation’s economy, a new study from the Brookings Institution on America’s Advanced Industries finds that a renewed and sustained investment in this sector is what’s going t…
s Advanced Industries finds that a renewed and sustained investmen… advanced industries encompass 50 industries… the advanced industries sector employed 9 percent

What do Fremont, CA & Sheffield, England have in common? Innovation District Strategies Rooted in Advanced Manufacturing

Recently the two of us traveled to Sheffield, England to explore an intriguing question: Can a city and metropolis apply the innovation district model to advanced manufacturing? The answer is a resounding yes.
e examples over time given the importance of advanced industries to the global economy and the implicit need

Manufacturing startups head for the cloud—and your city

It’s old news that an explosion of Internet-based tools and services—think GitHub and Amazon Web Services—has made it easier and cheaper for entrepreneurs to transform their cool ideas into finished software products. One result: The urban start-up fer…

Advanced Industries Update: A Mixed Picture of Progress

City, metropolitan area, and state leaders across the country continue to look for ways to re-energize the American economy and make it work better for more people. One way they are doing that is by looking to expand the nation’s advanced industries. A…
s advanced industries. As defined and tracked by Brookings over t… in aggregate the advanced industries growth base narrowed. On the up side…s advanced industries gained momentum in the last two years

Five ways the Maker Movement can help catalyze a manufacturing renaissance

Amid the hoopla of celebrating a deal to save 800 jobs at a Carrier Corp. factory in Indiana last month, President-elect Donald Trump promised to usher in a “new industrial revolution“—one that sounded as much like a social awakening as a manufacturing on…
we continue to share a common perspective on Advanced Industries. Case in point

Artificial Intelligence: Hardware Revolution or Evolution?

This was the provocative question posed at the 2017 Product Realization Group symposium which probes and engages Silicon Valley's hardware ecosystem. Artificial Intelligence, or "AI" to insiders, was once relegated to sci-fi films. And although it's not m…