Meet the Fremont Team

Aug 07, 2013

Kelly Kline

Economic Development Director & Chief Innovation Officer

Economic Development is a team sport. While many sports analogies could apply, basketball provides ample fodder. Note: Suspension of disbelief is required since none of us actually plays basketball! However, as the photo shows, you can often find us enjoying the outdoors.

Fremont Economic Development Team Hiking Mission Peak (from left to right): Kline, Marshall, Chen and Briggs

To win an NBA playoff you need a strong Center. Christina Briggs shepherds her businesses through the process like a stolen ball – it’s best to get out of the way when she’s headed to the net! Christina’s strong people skills help block impediments, and she rebounds with creativity and problem-solving skills.

At 4’11, Jennifer Chen doubles as both our Small Forward and our Power Forward. As a recent “trade” to Fremont, Jennifer brings strong knowledge of industrial tenants and the Silicon Valley landscape. If you’ve read our Innovation Scorecard, or attended a broker event, you’ve seen her skills in action.

Shooting Guards are usually good passers, and Kim Marshall is no exception. Kim can navigate around the city with the finesse that comes from long-established relationships. Teams excel by having good data, and Kim meticulously integrates Fremont’s facts into our strategic planning efforts.

Kelly Kline thinks of herself as a Point Guard, but serves as team Coach. Kelly relishes working with an all-star team as Fremont becomes recognized as a can-do, business-oriented city. As the daughter of a basketball coach, she values rigorous training and camaraderie as the foundation for a strong team.

Basketball fans know that the key to success for any team is a Strong Bench. So, which Fremont players are logging in the minutes? They include Jeff Schwob, Fremont’s Community development director; Fire Marshal Jay Swardenski; Jim Pierson, the Public Works/Transportation director; and many more. (Click on our names to see our LinkedIn Profiles).

Fremont’s development team meets regularly as a “cabinet” to align priorities, and pro-actively troubleshoot issues under the leadership of our General Manager, or in this case, City Manager Fred Diaz.

We think you’ll enjoy working with our team for the simple reason that we enjoy working together. We are single-mindedly focused on making Fremont work for business, and hope we’ll have the chance to demonstrate our commitment real-time. So pick your favorite team … Warriors? Lakers? Celtics? Spurs? Bulls? No matter your choice, we are here to provide championship service.

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